Shimano's Hagane Fishing Challenge will push anglers to their limits and separate the Able from the Great!

Take Shimano’s Hagane fishing challenge

13 Rounds (4 Challenges): 52 Unique fishing challenges.

Are you Australia’s most accomplished fisherman? Or are you a fishing enthusiast looking for the next challenge. For the entire of 2016, Shimano will be setting the bar for fishing greatness and challenging you to beat the bar. So how could Shimano possible achieve this? By creating the Hagane Fishing Challenge!

“Hagane Meaning: Metal Alchemist”

Shimano have long been renowned for the production of enduring, uncompromising quality products. It has been down to their vast experience with metal manufacturing technologies that have set Shimano above their competition.

Strength, Endurance and silky smooth unfaltering performance. These are the core value of Hagane and these are values that are going to have to possess if you are to have any chance of lasting the Ultimate Hagane Challenge.

“Hagane: Our Goal is Eternally Smooth Reeling”

Available to Iphone and Android phone operators, this is a challenge that will test even the greatest of anglers. Every week Shimano will distribute a unique fishing challenge and give your 7 days to complete it. There are 13 rounds throughout the year with a new challenge every week. At the end of one round (4 challenges) the aggregate winner will take home a Harvey Norman Commercial gift voucher worth $1000.00!

Earn badges for completing new challenges and see who out of you and your friends is the best fisherman!

So are you game enough to Take the Hagane Challenge?





The pride and tradition of SAKAI’s metalworking utilizes the most advanced technology.

The history of SAKAI’s metalworking goes back to the 5th century, also known as the Kofun period. This technology of swords, kitchen knives, guns, and other precision metal tools have been handed down in Sakai from generation to generation. This has been evolved overtime to be used in the manufacturing of bicycle components. In 1921, Shimano Iron Works, our predecessor, opened their doors. Since then, the combination of history and tradition of SAKAI’s metalworking has given us the most advanced technology possible, which has allowed us to achieve one innovation after another. The photo at right is “Bantam” which was released in 1979. This was the start of the history of our uncompromising reel manufacturing. At Shimano we pursue the potential that only metals are capable of. “HAGANE” embodies the philosophy that has been passed on in Shimano’s reel manufacturing and this forms the basis of our technology.